Marco’s passion for hard electronic music was born in the early ninetees, when the Hardcore gabber scene was rising and rising in Holland and Europe.

Almost every weekend he and his friends crossing all over Holland, Belgium and Germany to visit the best party’s and venue’s.

At one of those nights in
”the Matrixx” Nijmegen (R.I.P.)
he stould at the balcone to see how the DJ showing his skills and make the people all go crazy, he thought..
That’s what i want..!

Sow one day he bought his own DJ gear and vinyl to exercise very much at his bedroom.

In the year 2007 Marco was asked to play at a friends private party.
It was a big succes, the crowd rocked big time!
From that moment Noize Connexion was born.

Over the years Marco played all over the Netherlands at clubs and party’s.
But he want more with his creativity and started to make own beats and tracks.
After a lot of exercise and practicing he found his own Noize Connexion sound.
You can check out his tracks and some mixes on his Soundcloud page and discover his own unique style.